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Introducing the February Love Series

Love is in the air and this month RG4C is happy to kick off the second installment of our Love Series. We started this series back in February 2018 featuring 3 married couples from all walks of life. The couples shared personal experiences and perspectives with our readers on their journey of faith, love, and

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In 2019, Lets Be Real With Ourselves.

We all follow influencers on social media sites. You know the ones. They have perfectly filtered pictures, seemingly candid poses, and tens of thousands of followers. They’re always doing something cool and trendy in really amazing places. HOW ARE THEY SO PERFECT?! Truth is, they’re not. They’re just like us. By looking at their Instagram,

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Love Series: Feat. Kelechi Akinbosede

We are delighted to share with you all our last and final interview for the love series. To close out our series, we have with us today the beautiful Kelechi Akinbosede. Kelechi is an immigration and business lawyer, public servant, wife, and one of the kindest people we know! We’ll let her share more about

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