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Letter From the Editor: To the Class of 2022; Happy Fall 2018!

Fall is upon us, at least that’s what it feels like in Michigan where I currently reside. As editor in chief and CEO of RG4C, there’s a lot I am grateful for as we embark into a new season! For one, the RG4C brand has grown tremendously these past 10 months. I couldn’t be happier

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I Graduated, Now What?!

Graduation season is upon us, and so it begins: the question that leave most graduates anxiously thinking of what to say without sounding uncertain or lost: So, what are your plans after graduation? That question can seem paralyzing if you honestly don’t know what’s next. You’ve just finished one of the most demanding programs of

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Finals got you Stressed?

Dear Gems, If you’re a student like me, whenever this time of the semester rolls around you already know what tries to creep into your system – stress, anxiety, worry, YOU NAME IT #ShirleyCaesar But before you go thinking about how much work you still need to do – take a deep breath and tell yourself,

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