Take A Seat, Sis

As women we tend to carry this conception of having to always have it together or that wearing a mask to hide what’s truly going on is the norm. But where does this mindset come from?Maybe it comes from being a woman in today’s society, which pressures us to assert our independence. Or maybe we simply haven’t learned how to care for our own needs and wellbeing? The reality is this,  its unhealthy to continue to overlook personal heartaches and hardships or even just everyday life because more times than not, it causes more damage than good. Selfcare is biblical and the Bible calls us to stop wearing masks to cover our troubles:

Do not let your adorning be external- the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear- but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious (1 Peter 3:3-4.)

Although this scripture is not saying we can’t wear things that make us feel beautiful, its teaching us a valuable point about not letting material objects rule our life and dictate how we feel about ourselves! We do this so well, we hide, we stay busy, and we stay burdened by things, people, and life!

When we never allow our self to be unmasked, we simply stop living. Never allowing ourselves to stop and smell the roses or let our hair down to enjoy a good laugh amongst friends causes us to be distant and isolated. Always ignoring your feelings to be there for others or disregarding the fact that you have other things you desire to do can lead to a very toxic and emotional state. I say toxic because in your lack of selfcare you will not be able recognize your value in your relationships and will begin to project your traumas and insecurities onto others versus you just saying “hey I need a moment, can we talk, I’m going through a lot right now and I could really use a friend.”

This race called life was never meant to be a lonely one, rather the opposite but since we are burdened by so much in this world and trust so little that we take from ourselves. We take our joys, adventures, loves, and so many other valuable things that we need to feel important and we throw them away. This happens as a result of not being honest with ourselves or with those around us.


When was the last time you took time for yourself without feeling guilty or cheated?

When was the last time you thought “wow my meeting got cancelled, I can go to the lake with some friends” or did you feel obligated to your job to go to the office plunging away at more paperwork that could’ve waited until the next day?

These are the lies that many women believe daily.

These are the lies that will constantly keep you paralyzed and alone. You can’t forget that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139-14) meaning that God took His time to create you; therefore, it’s okay for you to take some time for yourself maintaining His creation.

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it (1 Corinthians 10:13 NIV.)

I know you are probably wondering why I chose this particular scripture, well it’s because most of us women are bombarded with the temptation to always “DO” and we can’t seem to resist it.. I challenge you today, to stop wearing those masks of anxiety, stress, and feeling like you have to always do, but instead, “Take a Seat Sis” and care for yourself.

-This article was written by Nechelle Laferriere. You can follow her on Instagram at shelly_simone

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