Letter From the Editor: To the Class of 2022; Happy Fall 2018!

Fall is upon us, at least that’s what it feels like in Michigan where I currently reside. As editor in chief and CEO of RG4C, there’s a lot I am grateful for as we embark into a new season! For one, the RG4C brand has grown tremendously these past 10 months. I couldn’t be happier on how God has developed our online platforms, especially the digital magazine. We are now comprised of several contributing writers and a executive team that will help spearhead events and collaborations in the months to come. Our contributing writers are adding a unique voice to RG4C to make sure we touch on the issues you, our readers, care about. Being a young adult in today’s world can be tough, but we want to be that bridge where you don’t have to compromise who you are to speak about the things you love.

Some of our recent accomplishments I am happy to share is we were able to bless two young women in our Fall 2018 “Back to School Giveaway”. The winners each received an Amazon gift card and our grand prize winner received a special gift bag from the team.

When I started RG4C, I wanted to reach college students, so that will alway be the audience we hope to reach in the articles we write and events planned. In the same regard, I would like to share a few things with the incoming class of 2022. To every young woman who has recently entered college and is slowly settling in.  As I too, start the second year of my doctoral program, I am reflecting on my own journey from undergrad to now. These were the days when everything was fun and exciting, filled with great expectations and possibilities. While all of that is true, I want the incoming class to be mindful of a few things as you navigate through your first year.


College is a place where you will grow in ways you’d probably least expect. It’s more than just academic growth, you will grow as a person, in your relationships, and how you see the world. But that’s what makes the experience so unique. The life you will experience along the way will have a huge impact on who you become years from now. So as you begin this new journey of life, I want to share a few things I learned during my own undergraduate years that I hope will be beneficial in your journey:

Be Unapologetically You

If you haven’t learned already, you will soon discover that your college has a culture of its own. At times, you may feel uncomfortable around certain people, or surprised at how different you realize you are from others. Whatever the case may be, be you! It’s easy to try to blend in when we are new and wanting to quickly adapt, but don’t let that stop you from letting your light shine on your unique qualities and personality. The world needs someone like you, so although college is a time of growth, don’t forget to always- be unapologetically you.

Get Out of Your Dorm Room

This one is a big deal because if your at a school miles away from home or in an entirely new country, there will be moments of homesick and the desire to stay in your dorm room vs getting out and meeting new people. I challenge you all this semester, even if you are not homesick to get out of your dorm room! Even if that means attending a game night that your R.A puts on downstairs in the lounge or going to a sporting event. Stepping out of your comfort zone and getting comfortable being uncomfortable will help your transition be a lot smoother and enjoyable.

Join an Organization That Shares Similar Values

Similar to getting out of your dorm room, joining an organization your first or second semester of college has lot of benefits, and finding one that shares similar values that you hold is key. I know many of you heard or attended an event your first week where all the student organizations, fraternities and sororities got to showcase who they are and what their organization is about. They may have even had a sign up list for you to stay connected. If you signed up, those emails will come through. Don’t ignore them, but pick a few events that you’d be open to participate in. You don’t necessarily need to join right away, but attending meetings and events is a great way to try out the organization, and find out what they truly stand for. Joining a community within your campus is so important. We need others in our circle and in life. Finding the right one may take some time, but when you do, go for it and join!

Use the Resources Around Campus

I wish I would have heard this one more during my time in undergrad, but thats why I’m telling you now. Find the different resources on campus and use them! There are so many resources to help you from the writing center, math tutors, career services, therapy/counseling, volunteer opportunities, study abroad, and scholarships! Its usually not until we are in desperate need or pushed against a deadline that we seek these out. What I have learned is, when you take advantage of them now, you will be more successful later and less likely to find yourself in a stressful bind. So get an early start, and take advantage of the resources early.

Connect With Believers on Campus

If I could shout this one from the rooftops, I would. Connecting with like-minded believers on campus will keep you grounded and grow spiritually while learning how to navigate your young adult life. At my univeristy, there were about 60 Christian organizations on campus, so finiding the right one was literally a God-thing because I didn’t have to try out all of them (which I had no intentions of doing) For me, I found out about a Christian church on campus during my “Welcome Back Week”. That same semester I joined the gospel choir, and a year later, a girl in my class invited me to Bible Study one night which became my favorite thing to attend during the week. I will say, its important to listen to the teachings and doctrines you hear in these groups, because not all of the teachings line up with scriptures (but thats a discussion for another time). With that in mind, follow peace in your heart, do some research on the organization, and know that your spirituality does not have to be neglected just because you are in college.

Have Fun & Stay Focused

Last, but certainly not least, have fun and always stay focused. College is an amazing opportunity that many are not granted. Use your time wisely and make the most out of the years you have there. Always know that God is by your side, every step of the way.

The “812” crew after our first bible study of the year back in 2013!

Peace, Love, & Blessings,

Ja’La Wourman

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