Summer’s Over! What Now?

As we all know, summer takes forever to get here, and when it finally arrives, it quickly leaves! We have so many goals for summer that we spend all year preparing for this one season! When it finally hits, we are on a crammed time schedule that makes it seem impossible to fit all of our plans into those few months. As you can imagine, this can, and will, cause many headaches and frustrations. How do we even deal?

One thing that we can do is to plan for these activities by making them into an “all-year plan”. In other words, instead of focusing those plans on summer, why not have them set out for each month of the year. I know that some of those activities can be done. For example: let’s say you wanted to go to Jamaica, but it’s now December. Instead of catching a flight straight to the country, book a cruise! You’ll be able to tour the country, as well as other ones. Then you can mark that off of your bucket list!

You may not realize it, but this is also helping your mental health as well. Once you stop stressing, or begin to change up your routine (staying active), you will begin to see how your mood elevates, and your aura will be more positive! (You can read more about building up your mental health here:

It’ll physically do your body good as well. The emotions will begin to subside, and you’ll begin to feel at peace. One thing that you must always do is to incorporate God throughout all of this.

Have you ever felt so good about something, but at the same time, felt that a big portion was still missing? That’s God trying to speak to you! Even when seasons wind down, and our journeys begin to take twists and turns, you always have to keep God in the forefront.

When I went on my cruise, and my girls’ trip, I was so excited! Each time that I was able to get away from my family, even if only for a few seconds, I took in that moment, and I thanked God for giving me that opportunity to explore the other parts of the world that He created! I’ll never know if I’ll get that chance again, so I made every moment of it. It brought me a sense of happiness and relief. I just couldn’t get over the fact that He was taking care of me through all of this, and allowed me to experience His wonders! I was incomplete awe.


I always try to keep God with me everywhere I go. Since summer is winding down, I’m only thinking about how am I going to enjoy the rest of the year. Personally, the warm weather relaxes me, versus the cold, where I am itching to be warm! But in the back of my mind, I ultimately know that I am going to be more than satisfied because God has more in store. Each day, I thank Him, and I’m grateful that he is easing my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual space.

This keeps me moving throughout the week. So it ultimately makes the days go by a little easier. I also set aside time to act on my self-care methods. Whether it’s planning out goals (short/long-term), writing out my dreams, going on vacations, or planning for the future, this will keep me in a space where it’s safe, peaceful, and happy (which is definitely what I’m feeling like in this picture!)


Look inside of yourself and see what truly keeps you going. Try to act on them consistently, and see how you feel overall. Since school is starting back up, this will be a wonderful method to try. Summer is not the only season to be happy and carefree. Be happy year-round because God wants you to be!

This article was written by Brianna Moore. You can follow her on Instagram

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