The Formula For Patience


Patience is an important spiritual principle that most people aren’t naturally born with. In today’s world, we want it now with quickly-instant gratification. There is a popular saying, ‘Anything that is worth having is worth waiting for” and the older I get, the more I realize that this is true. If there is something that is truly a desire of my heart, I have to submit to God’s timing.

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I Graduated, Now What?!

Graduation season is upon us, and so it begins: the question that leave most graduates anxiously thinking of what to say without sounding uncertain or lost:

So, what are your plans after graduation?

That question can seem paralyzing if you honestly don’t know what’s next. You’ve just finished one of the most demanding programs of your life where you probably were stretched in many ways socially, personally, intellectually, and spiritually. Receiving that degree and crossing the  stage was one of the most important things on your mind. But now, that day is over. The celebration  and photographs with family and friends has ended. And reality has just sunk in. Continue reading “I Graduated, Now What?!”