Love Series: Feat. Jackie Wourman


This month at RG4C, we are so excited to kick off our February Love Series with three beautiful couples who are sharing lessons with us from single life to marriage. To kick off our series, we are delighted to have the beautiful Jackie Wourman, who just so happens to be our founder’s mom! Jackie is humbled to share with you all her love story in hopes of inspiring and encouraging other young women.
We spoke to Jackie a week ago and this is what she had to say:

RG4C: Thank you so much for agreeing to speak with us! We just have a few questions for you today and won’t take too much of your time.To start off, How long have you and your husband Carlton been married?

Jackie:  28 years and 2 months

RG4C: How did you and your spouse meet?

Jackie: We met during our first year of college on the 2nd day. It was outside the student center at Suomi College in Hancock MI

RG4C: Tell us about your first date. When and where did it happen? Who made the first move?

Jackie: We were in college so we kind of didn’t really have a first date because we were always hanging out in groups, living the college life. I introduced him to a lot of my friends from high-school that attended the same college. Even when we would go back home to Detroit for break, we were always in a group because that’s what we were taught.

RG4C: How did you know this was the person you wanted to marry?

Jackie: From the time we got together we just clicked . When we started dating ,we never really broke up, and when we would break up we got back together very soon.

RG4C: How did your single life prepare you for marriage?

Jackie: I’ve always been organized, self sufficient, and goal oriented. I just felt 15781233_10211367517331220_3076156969539114875_ncomfortable living my life independently from a young age. I think that was important in preparing me for marriage because in the event that I got married, it wasn’t to be taken care of. I got married because I was in love but at the same time I knew the person I was marrying could take care of me if I needed them to. Carlton wanted to be married and wanted to be a family man. I knew that we were equally yoked and wanted the same things. That’s how I knew I was ready.
RG4C: Is there any advice you have for singles desiring a relationship or marriage?

Jackie: Just wait. And if its meant to be, it will happen. Enjoy life right now as it is , and if /when that person comes along that’s meant to be your husband, wait for that moment to come – don’t force it. What God has for you, is for you.

RG4C: For soon to be married couples or newlyweds, what’s some advice you would give them?

Jackie: Continue to let the Lord be over your relationship no matter the situation. Always try to stay steadfast, keeping God first. Take everything to God in prayer, thanking Him and praying to Him in the good and challenging times.

RG4C: What’s one challenge you have faced in marriage or while you IMG_7431were dating that has ultimately helped you grow into a better person?

Jackie: There’s been a lot  of lessons  I’ve learned because me and Carlton grew up together as teenagers. In my younger days, I allowed outside interferences and childish behaviours manipulate my marriage which is something I had to overcome early on in my adult years. If I would have given into immature gossip we wouldn’t be where we are today. Because of my maturity, my marriage has continued to grow and I’ve grown as well.

RG4C: What role has Jesus Christ played in your relationship?

Jackie: The more I stay closer to Christ, I don’t allow emotions to take precedence over my life decisions or over my household. I look to Christ for the answer. I thank Him daily and ask Him for covering over my family, over my household, and over my children’s home. 

RG4C: Some people think when you get married you “lose your individuality”. What’s your take on this? How can women balance personal interests and hobbies when sharing a life with someone else?

Jackie:  I’ve sacrificed over the years (like buying my dream sports car), but it didn’t feel like a sacrifice because I wanted to put my family first always. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss my kids sporting games or events, so things were centered around my family throughout my marriage. I still do things for myself, like buying my favorite purse or favorite shoes because that’s just something I’ve always enjoyed doing since I was a young girl. I’ve always had my girlfriends and made sure to find a way to get the ladies together.  It could be something as simple as reading books  together or having dinner. This has been important to me and is how I balance my personal life alongside being married.

My family, Christmas 2016

— RG4C Interview by Ja’La W


  1. What an incredible story of love and patience. I wish to ask a question though. You and your husband grew up together and saw each other frequently. What advice would you give a young couple that lives in different states due to work and school? The wife is trying to get her PhD while working and raising their daughter and the husband lives in another state due to work. How do you handle the strains of life, unresolved issues and even anger?

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