11.3.17. Official Launch Day!


Today is the day! After much anticipation, I am happy to say RG4C is here! This organization feels like my baby because I have prayed about it for over 3 years. I remember vividly when God woke me up one night and put the vision in my heart.  At the time, I was in my first year of Bible College pursuing a ministry certificate in Pastoral Leadership. I wasn’t 100% sure what I was supposed to be doing with my recent Bachelor’s Degree, but I knew I was called to make a positive impact in the world through my faith, while encouraging others in their own life journey (one of the many reasons I was led to pursue ministry school).  But back to my story –  I woke up one night in 2014 having a deep desire to launch a faith-based magazine for women. At the time, I was focused on a magazine because I had seen several blog sites that were created with women in mind, but little to none were directed towards college-aged students and young adults. With this in mind, I began to envision a magazine, multi-media platform, and soon, an entire organization devoted to guiding women not only in their faith-walk but entire journey of life!

That is what RG4C is — a place to discuss the issues we woman care about with a faith perspective added to it. In doing so, I believe teens, college-aged students, and young adults will grow in their own walk with Christ, learn to love themselves better and the people around them, and be assured of their calling on earth (why they are here and what they are created to do).

Now that we have officially launched you may be wondering– what should I expect and how do I know if this organization is for me?

The answer to those questions are, you should expect in the upcoming week’s blog posts centered on our November theme of “Gratitude” which will kick off our themed blog series. In addition, by following our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you will be encouraged daily with words of wisdom and lessons learned in life. Our social media pages are the best way to stay connected to us, so if you haven’t already — follow us now! :-) The last thing you can expect in the next few weeks is a monthly newsletter with key updates about the organization. To sign up for our newsletter, fill out the form here and your name and email will be added to our contact list.

Finally — this organization is for you if at any point in your life you have desired guidance, encouragement, inspiration, and wisdom during your journey of life; if you want to have faith-based conversations about real topics like love, sex, relationships, fashion, beauty, health, education, career-advice (just to name a few) then you are in the right place. Even if none of these seem to apply to you now, I believe you will find a home within RG4C and we would love for you to be part of the movement!

Signed with love,



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